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Elevate Greater Akron is the result of about a year of work among leaders at the City of Akron, Summit County and the Greater Akron Chamber focused on answering some questions about our economy and the best ways to drive opportunity for the region. There are five strategies we are pursuing that address small- and middle-market business growth: economic inclusion and opportunity; talent and skill development; downtown and job hub development; innovation and high potential start-ups; and improvement of the ways in which we connect and leverage the resources that support business growth and success in our region on your behalf.

With the work completed on the plan in September, we are now mobilizing more than thirty economic development organizations and partners and more than 100 economic development professionals and civic leaders in beginning to implement that plan.

At the same time, we’ve begun work on a plan for the efforts of the Chamber over the next three years. We have a team of Chamber members involved in that work. The Chamber will play a big role in driving the Elevate Greater Akron strategy – but we also have significant work to do in other efforts related to economic development, government advocacy and member support. I am looking forward to sharing the details of that work at our annual meeting.

Take a couple moments to check out a quick summary of the Elevate Greater Akron strategy and the emerging ideas for the Chamber in this short video.


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