A Dedicated Focus on Economic Inclusion

Equity and inclusion are economic imperatives for this region and every company within it. There is a spectrum of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices that any company can improve on, no matter their industry, size, or location. This region offers a strong network of DEI professionals that can be leveraged for support and guidance as we all work to improve our organizations. Wherever you are on you are on your journey in this work, there is always room to do more. Below you will find resources, engagement opportunities, and more.  

Inclusion Marketplace

The Greater Akron Chamber has partnered with the Greater Cleveland Partnership Equity & Inclusion to develop the Inclusion Marketplace. This tool helps organizations diversify their procurement spend by connecting them to a one-stop online portal where they can access diverse suppliers in a variety of industries. It also connects minority and women owned on businesses to new business opportunities in this region.

DEI Toolkit

We want to ensure you have the support you need to create the highest possible impact in your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. The Greater Akron Chamber has developed tools, resources, and support that you can leverage in those efforts. Whether you’re just starting out or you have been working in this space for a while, we can help advance your work. Utilizing an assessment tool, an action plan development tool, conversation cohorts, and a DEI resource tool, we have created accessible and specific tools for you and your organization

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Inclusion Narrative

This research explores the impact of racial exclusion on the regional economy and the actions essential to creating an inclusive approach to economic development. This narrative led to Greater Akron’s first-ever Inclusion Summit in 2019 and is the basis for more extensive diversity and inclusion work being done throughout the region.


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DEI Resource Guide

Our resource library will provide valuable and timely resources for a multitude of inclusion related subjects. These resources can be leveraged by managers and leaders to create a better understanding of DEI or to support action steps being taken within organizations. Your work will also be supported by our video resource library built from topical discussion sessions hosted by practitioners and experts in our region.  Whether you attend the discussion sessions or access the content independently, this library is an ongoing resource for your work. 

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Inclusion Summit Videos

The Inclusion Summit opened with a startling history of inclusion in Akron and concluded with a challenge put forth by community leaders.

Diversity, Inclusion & Equity: Moving to Action in Your Business

Check out the panel discussion from our Leadership Dialogue Series.

Greater Akron Economic Inclusion in the Press

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