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How Congruent Leaders Build Strong Teams

1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Online - Virtual Meetings

Congruence is that inner certainty about where to put your energy and attention. It is the confidence to walk in the room and know exactly what to do..

Congruence is a learned skill that can improve through coaching and practice. Participants will learn the four intuitive skills of congruent leaders. This 3-hour, 5-session course will deliver an executive coaching level experience focused on how to increase self-awareness, manage intuitive energy, understand root cause of interpersonal problems and work towards solutions.  Participants will not only become more knowledgeable about leading teams, but guided practice will also put that new knowledge to work.

This course is for any leader who wants to thrive in their role of leadership.

Presented by dual instructors to provide significant one-on-one interaction and coaching
April 22 and 29        1:30pm-4:30pm     
May 6, 13 and 20        1:30pm-4:30pm

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This course will be taught by Lead Consultant Celia King, and her team at Arrants McSwain..  Curriculum will draw from her experience in higher education, studies in emotional intelligence and CQ Certification from the Cultural Intelligence Center. Participants will also take the Majors Personality Type Indicator.

Session I: An Introduction to Congruence
You will participate in an introductory Zoom session where you will meet the rest of your cohort and instructors.  You will learn the 4 Intuitive Skills of Congruence and practice recognizing those skills in your leadership role. Following this workshop, each participant will complete the Majors Personality Type Indicator.

Session II: What Makes You Tick and What Ticks You Off: How Personality Shapes the Congruent Leader
You will learn the 8 processes in your mind that we all use to pay attention to the world and to make decisions. And you will identify your own best fit Myers Briggs Type Code to understand how you most naturally use each of those processes.

Session III:  How the Congruent Leader Communicates to Every Person on Their Team 
Using your new knowledge about how you pay attention and how you make decisions, you will learn to understand and respond to people who are both similar and different from you in their communication.

Session IV: How the Congruent Leader Manages Their Own Stress and Helps Others Do the Same
You will look at how your particular personality typically responds to stress, learn how to bring yourself back from stress responses and how to help others do the same. 

Session V: Wrap up and Application
Participants will capture their learning process, give feedback on the program, and make a plan for their next leadership development process.

Please note registration is for all five sessions online.

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