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Diligent Electronic Security Systems, LLC.: Q&A with Timothy Moneypenny

Thursday, October 1, 2020

What is the background story of your business? When/how was it created? 
In 1985, my wife graduated from the University of Akron with a degree in computer science. While she was attending school, I worked 55 hours per week on the second shift in Cuyahoga Falls to put her through school.  Wendy’s computer talents where being sought after by NSA.  Soon thereafter, she was offered an employment opportunity in Washington, DC, so we decided she should take it. When we moved to Washington DC, I didn't know where my career path would lead, I didn’t have a college education nor a trade skill I could fall back on. I had an opportunity to become an apprentice electrician with a small electrical contractor in McLean, Virginia that installed security systems for the Federal Government.  At the age of 30, I began my career in electronic security. For the first 6 months in this position, I was a helper and held the ladder.  Within a year of working in the field, I was managing the people that taught me. Two years later, I was brought into the office as an Estimator and Project Manager. I just worked hard and trusted my instincts.   
In 1992, I was hired by a security integrator as an Account Manager GIC in Rockville,  MD.  My role as an Account Manager is where I learned the passion for customer service.  I was taking care of existing clients and I did! I exceeded my sales quota by 125% each year.  In the summer of 1995, GIC was purchased by Sensormatic and our team was involved in providing the electronic security systems for the ‘96 Olympics in Atlanta. In this same year, I was awarded National Account Manager of the Year for Sensormatic.  In the fall of 1997, I was promoted to National Account Manager taking care of customers like Booz Allen, FreddieMac, The World Bank, IMF and AARP nationally.  During my employment with Sensormatic, I earned several national sales awards for exceeding my sales quota.  Sensormatic was bought and sold a couple of times. Disillusioned by this course, in 2001 I was offered and excepted a position with ADT Federal Systems Group in Alexandria, Virginia as a National Account Manager.  My focus was providing electronic security systems to Federal Agencies, i.e. ATF, Department of Justice, CIA, FBI and numerous defense contractors.
I went on to work with several other national security integrators, but always felt there was something missing.  It was disappointing to discover that the larger the company was, the more they focused on quarterly financials instead of customer service. My philosophy has always been that if you take care of your customers, the financials will take care of themselves.
In 2005, we moved back to Akron, Ohio and I stayed employed with DC-based companies traveling back and forth for 8 years. In 2014, I was hired by a local NEO company to become their Director of Sales. Shortly thereafter, I began debating whether to go into business myself and decided in 2018 to do so.  However, one of the difficult things for me was to come up with a business name that truly reflected my character and what I believe in? After careful thought, Diligent Electronic Security Systems was born. The word diligent to me means to never quit, never give up, and see things through to the end. Throughout my life, that's been the story of my success.
How has your business experienced growth? How do you expect to see growth? 
It took about 3-4 months to ramp up and to build a client base. Since then I’ve doubled my growth from 2019 to 2020. This growth has been a direct result of networking, referrals, customer service and great clients. I give the client a product/service they deserve and suits their needs. I’ve been in sales for 25 years; I understand the security industry and what it takes to be successful. If you work hard, keep your promises and customer focus, your business will grow naturally.
What got you into the IT business?
Electronic security isn’t an IT business, however, the equipment used relies on IT infrastructure. It started as a simple alarm system and now has turned into more complex systems, such as Access Control, video surveillance, cloud-based systems that allow the end users to manage and monitor systems anywhere in the world from their cell phone or laptop. It’s been a natural progression. I’m not an IT person, however, I understand what it does for the customer and how it’s implemented. I know that to have an IT-based solution, you must have associates that understand it and can integrate multiple systems into one and this is what my company provides for it’s customers.
How has the pandemic impacted your business?
Initially, every business was impacted. However, after the first 5 to 6 weeks, requests for electronic security needs to be increased.  Since then, I’ve never been this busy in my career.
How has the Greater Akron region played a role in the evolution of your company/career? 
I didn’t think Northeast Ohio was as robust as it is. I soon learned, however, that NEO is a vibrant business area. Of course, however, you must go out and find it.
Do you have any advice for growing a business in Akron? 
Network. Network. Network. I’ve never been more successful until I met the Greater
Akron Chamber, they’ve had a major impact on my career. I’ve met so many people
and even if they do not need my services, they trust me enough to refer me to a friend, business or colleague.
How can someone find you? 
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