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Compassionate Catering Kandy: Q&A with Aleasha Wilson

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 by [email protected]

What is the background story of your business? When/how was it created? 
Seven years ago, I had my own catering company in which I catered for churches’ special occasions. I came from faith-roots where no one went home hungry. I learned to cook from my grandma and my aunt.

A pastor stiffed me for my work at the very last church I catered for. The pastor then told me that God told him to let me know that I need to start making candy. He predicted that I would have a successful, traveling candy catering business. I, of course, did not believe him at first, but then the pastor started telling me things about my children that only my inner circle knows about. That is when I knew this was a true message of God.
Three months after this happened and in 2013 when my son was turning 10 years old, we threw a carnival party. I did not want to pay for a company to come in and create  themed-food and snacks. Instead, I started out on a journey to create the perfect candy apple. On the third try, I finally got the technique down. From there, it’s been history. I’m very self-taught, learned with trial and error, and by asking a lot of questions.

How has your business experienced growth? 
Our product assortment has grown greatly over the years. We started with 7 flavors of 
candy apples and now we are at 44 apples. We have 7 different brittles, 22 cotton
Candy flavors, 22 flavors of popcorn, and more. We now do candy tables and edible imaging for weddings, graduations, birthday parties, etc. We do a lot of traveling around Ohio to festivals and we are able to mail out to different cities. It has grown a lot, but there is always room for more.
Where does the Compassionate Catering Kandy name come from?
My original catering company was named Kabeasha, which is a combination of Kevin, my ex-husband’s name, and mine.
When I started the candy business, I knew I wanted people to feel love when they tasted the candy. I wanted it to be an experience that fostered happiness, peace, love, and a sense of gathering. I kept saying the word compassionate and my son was the one who told me to name it that.
What got you into the candy/food business?
I’ve always loved cooking since I was a child. My grandma and my aunt did a lot of cooking for 200+ for fundraisers. I was always in the kitchen, to this day I find myself in the kitchen at different parties.
Food and cooking is really becoming my first love and passion. I’ve been taking care of people for 22 years as a nurse, but now I’m ready to retire and focus on my catering business.
How do you define growth?
To me, growth is learning. As you go through success, you learn to accept failures and fear and have a desire to keep trying to push on and push yourself. No matter what obstacle, you have to learn to grow.
How are you getting through this pandemic?
I just relaunched my Facebook page and Instagram account, updated the photos, and updated my menu.I’ve been reaching out emails to past clients to let them know we’re still in business and still here for our customers. We will be releasing different promotions for upcoming holidays as well.
What are you most excited about for the MORTAR program?
I’m excited to learn something new and improve my business. I’m looking forward to learning about what I’ve been making mistakes with and improving overall. My next goal is to be able to get a food truck and a storefront. When our community grows, I want to be able to grow with it.
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Such compassionate to what she's doing!
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