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COVID-19 Business Resources

Thursday, March 19, 2020 by Paige Freel

In the past few weeks, the uncertainty and challenges of the coronavirus have made its way to Ohio and everyone from schools, to businesses, to individuals are feeling the stress of the threat of this virus.

In this stressful time, it is our goal to offer as much guidance through this uncharted territory as possible, with the understanding that we too, are learning as we move forward through this.

As most of you know, some major changes in the way we operate our daily lives have either been ordered or suggested by Governor DeWine and Ohio Health Department Director, Dr. Acton, for the health and safety of all Ohio citizens. Many of these orders will have a high impact effect on the business community; how they operate day to day, how/where their employees will work, and if they are even able to continue to operate at full capacity.

In this climate brought on by COVID-19, we must learn to temporarily adapt to a new way of doing business. Listed below are a wide range of resources for you to leverage in these changing times.

  1. Working from home.
Many of us now find ourselves out of the comfort of our offices, and back in the chaos of our homes. Working from home can be difficult, especially if you are a person that struggles with focusing or better yet, have children that are off school for at least two weeks. Here are some resources that can help you build boundaries in your home environment to make sure you still have productive and efficient workdays.  
  1. Staying connected, but not in person.
If you have not heard it enough times yet, I will say it again, limit face to face exposure with others during the height of this outbreak. This can be tricky if you are used to conducting a lot of meetings or going to a lot of events. Now is the time more than ever that we leverage technology. Although it may not be as personal, it is much safer for everyone involved. So, your first thought until further notice should be, can we do this over a conference call or a video chat? There are several great options for these services listed below, and some are even free.  
  1. Using business lulls to “sharpen your saw”.
With new temporary restrictions on certain businesses, and recommendations for citizens to stay home as much as possible, this may be creating a lull in your business. The daily workload you once had could be slowing down and you might need to fill some time. It is important to stay productive in ways that not only will support the growth of your company but will also boost your personal growth. Consider filling your extra time with some professional development activities, which can be as simple as watching a few seminar videos to strengthen what you know about leadership, productivity, managerial effectiveness or business strategy. Professional development can also be learning more about important business tools like Microsoft Excel or brushing up on your presentation skills with Microsoft PowerPoint. Consider exploring some new topics that could benefit your overall knowledge base or add value to the products or services of your company. Regional organizations, such as Northeast Ohio Medical University, are making this easier than ever by offering a free online program that dives into solving problems and empowering employees. To access this resource and many more, follow the links below.

For information and extended resources, please visit www.greaterakronchamber.org/covid19.

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