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FAQ with an Ecosystem Partner - Downtown Akron Partnership

Friday, February 14, 2020

What is your most common “I didn’t know you did that”? 
Downtown Akron Partnership oversees a team of ambassadors who are on duty seven days a week in downtown. Among other services, the ambassadors provide free help with lockouts, jump-starts and safety escorts. DAP also works to help businesses find space downtown.

What is the most common obstacle most companies in Akron face? How do you help them navigate this obstacle? 
Marketing and access to capital. We meet with businesses regularly to share our offerings and better understand their needs. We work to build a network of assistance providers and connect businesses to these resources.

How do you define growth? Why do you think Akron is a good place to grow for companies?
Businesses starting, opening a new location or expanding within downtown are all great indicators of growth. Downtown Akron is a good place for companies to grow because it is an accessible, affordable and supportive community.

What different types of programs/services do you offer?
Downtown Akron Partnership’s mission is to promote and build a vibrant and valuable downtown. In serving the mission, we provide Clean & Safe Ambassador services, beautification services, events and programming including roller skating parties, yoga, meditation and lunchtime recess activities. DAP also helps promote and create the improvement of public spaces, convenes district meetings and offers business relations and liaison support.

How can someone get involved or take advantage of your offerings?

Take a look at our website downtownakron.com and visit downtown Akron!
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The answer to the second question speaks the truth. Marketing is an aspect you can only learn through experience, and capital is just as hard to get your hands on for somebody who's just starting out. These two have been a barrier to my success countless times, and they've succeeded to be more often than not.
8/31/2020 9:46:05 PM
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The City of Akron will install the mural at the middle of the new roundabout on S Main & Mill Street, in downtown Akron.
5/28/2020 10:26:08 AM
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