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The Tea Lady: Q&A with Renea Woods-Baylor

Friday, August 28, 2020 by [email protected]

What is the background story of your business? When/how was it created?
 From my first Tea set for Christmas as a little girl, to my mom always having the table set every day...  our dining room was the focus of her artistic skills, and I loved it! 
So much so, tablescapes and tea parties became my passion at an early age, and I began exploring my childhood dreams of tea parties in my home 6 years ago with my late husband Dennis C Baylor, an Executive Chef. 

In August 2018, I turned my passion for tea parties into a business, I needed a name for my new business so I posted a question on Facebook, and asked all of my friends to help name my business, well it didn’t take long within seconds everyone started to respond with different names, but the one I loved the most was from my Hairstylist, Fannette Morris, she knew me best, she said…you are “The Tea Lady” and that was it! 

How has your business experienced growth?
I have grown exponentially over these last couple of years with my amazing team and exceptional services that we are so proud to offer.   I have relied heavily on my marketing, social media plan and promotions as well as the events that we host throughout the year.
I utilized the GoDaddy program through the Akron Urban League to build my website. I was so nervous at first, but I did it all myself! I recently retained a marketing company to assist me with rebranding and surviving during and beyond COVID-19.
What do you love about the tea business?
My favorite things are having people come together, hosting and catering to others, and making people feel great. Even when I have guests in my home, I make it a point to have a teapot, tea set, fresh towels, and candles… I just love to make people feel wonderful!
My tearoom is a luxury experience complete with handmade silk linens, antique tea
sets, and great tea.
How has the pandemic impacted your business?
We were shut down from the pandemic and still have not reopened yet. However, we are working on a new business direction to create the same tearoom experience in and outdoor settings. We’re completing the final touches on my website during this time and positioning the company to be able to extend a unique customer experience.  Our re-opening date is coming this Fall!
I was able to receive an SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan and that helped immensely. As a small, minority business owner, it saved my life!
What are some challenges you have faced?
A big challenge is being a minority and women-owned business. I currently own and operate an Accounting firm in downtown Akron for the last 21 years, so this move is no challenge for me. 
But, the pandemic has been a challenge and we don’t know how long COVID-19 is going to last. I need to make sure my business is sustainable and is able to survive during Covid-19 and years to come.
Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs in Akron?
 My best advice is to write things down and then do them. I believe if it’s not written, it’s not done. I also believe in investing in your own business and self as well as making sacrifices.
I have affirmations and my game plan on my wall. I made this visible for myself and others to hold me accountable as well as celebrate achievements I’ve made. Seeing my progress motivates me and helps me put my whole heart into what I do!
How can someone find you?
 My website is https://ohiotealady.com/ I’m on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Join me every Wednesday at 3pm, I go LIVE on Facebook for Tea Time with The Tea Lady.
Lady Renea Woods-Baylor, Executive
137 King James Way, Suite 208 Akron, Ohio 44308, United States
234.200.5806 RSVP | (330) 294-1020 Fax
Email: [email protected]
Cell: 330.338.2288 The Tea Lady
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