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Greater Akron Chamber is Seeking Nominations for 2019 Business Awards

Greater Akron—The Greater Akron Chamber is accepting nominations for our 2019 Business Awards.  Each year, the Greater Akron Chamber celebrates the accomplishments of the local community by celebrating the companies, businesses, organizations, and people who are elevating our region. 

We all know or do business with companies who deserve recognition for the exceptional work they do in the business community.  You can pay tribute by nominating a deserving company or person.  The deadline for nominations of the 2019 Business Awards is Friday, April 19.  Nominate online at www.gacawards.com.

The Business Awards categories this year are: 
  • Making Shift Happen—This company or entrepreneur that has been in business for more than ten years. It is reinventing its business, products and services or approach to the marketplace.
  • MBE to Watch—This minority-owned business or minority entrepreneur is getting great traction.  They are experiencing success in their business with prospects for significant future growth.
  • WBE to Watch—This woman-owned business or female entrepreneur is getting great traction. They are experiencing growth and success in their business with prospects for significant future growth.
  •  #ChooseGrowth Award—This business has moved beyond start-up to scale-up.  It is pursuing significant growth opportunities that will accelerate it to the next level of growth, creating jobs and regional impact in the process.
  • Business to Work for—This small- or mid-sized business has a culture and environment for their employees and/or customers that creates a great place to work and is a great model for other companies to emulate.
  • Art-repreneur of the Year—This creative industry business or artist has embraced and leveraged artistic products and services to create an emerging success story for their business and/or the region.
  • Best Origin Story—This unique business start-up has a unique story to tell that highlights a unique combination of capabilities, relationships, innovation and/or serendipity that will inspire others on their own journey.
  • Priming the Pump Award—This advocate or entrepreneur is working above and beyond to help others be successful in their own entrepreneurial pursuits and growth.
If you should have any questions, contact Anna Richards, Manager of Events, at (330) 237-1214 or [email protected].

Join us on Thursday, June 6, 2019, to help us congratulate the 2019 recipients.  The event will be held at Bounce Innovation Hub at 5:00 p.m.  This year’s sponsor is Westfield Bank.  Click here to register now.
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